Exploring the TikTok Trend: “I Feel Like That Wasn’t My Best Friend That Night”

For Creators

Let’s dive into a TikTok trend that’s been buzzing lately: the “Not My Bestie That Night” trend. It all started with a moment from a reality TV show called “Baddies East.” One of the stars, Sapphire, was talking to the camera after a wild night out with her best friend, Suki. She said, “I feel like that wasn’t my best friend that night; it was the devil.” This funny and relatable line caught on like wildfire on TikTok, with over 114k videos using it since January 24th.

How It Works


This trend has two main ways people are using it:


  1. Funny Videos: Some folks share clips of themselves or their friends doing something unexpected or weird. It’s like when your friend acts totally out of character, and you’re left wondering what happened to them!


  1. Photo Pairs: Others post two pictures side by side. The first one shows them or their friend looking innocent, and the second one shows a goofy or crazy side. It’s all about joking that they must’ve been possessed by the devil for a moment!


Getting in on the Fun


Here’s how you can join the trend:


– Pick Your Style: Decide if you want to make a video or do the photo thing. Choose whatever feels right for you.


– Choose the Right Sound: There are a couple of different sounds such as this one and this one people are using, but go for the one with more videos using it. That way, more people will see your post!


Getting Creative


This trend is all about having fun and getting creative. For example:


– Sharing Embarrassing Moments: If you’re an artist or designer, you could show off some of your earlier work that you’re not so proud of. Pair it with something you’ve improved on since then, and joke that the old stuff must’ve been made by the devil!


In a nutshell, the “Not My Bestie That Night” trend is all about sharing laughs and connecting with others on TikTok. Whether you’re a seasoned TikTok pro or just starting out, don’t be shy to join in on the fun. Let your creativity shine and have a devilishly good time!


February 14, 2024
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