Let’s Talk About TikTok’s “You Have Been Promoted!” Trend

For Creators

TikTok keeps us entertained with its trends, and one of the latest ones making waves is the “You Have Been Promoted!” trend. It all started with a funny clip from TikToker @mainlymannie, where he acts as a goofy boss character. The trend is all about jokingly promoting someone for doing simple things, like picking up trash. Let’s take a closer look at how people are using this trend to create hilarious videos.

The Trend’s Origin:

This trend is based on a video where @mainlymannie congratulates someone for a basic task and promotes them to a funny job, like handing out pamphlets. His over-the-top excitement and fake corporate smile made it super funny. Another TikTok user turned this clip into a meme, and now lots of creators are using the audio to make their own videos, like this one and this one.


How to Join In:

To join this trend, use the audio clip and lip-sync to it. There’s a funny pause in the middle where you should open your mouth wide, like you’re telling a big secret. The idea is to be a bit patronizing, like you’re talking to a kid, but with a big smile.


Examples to Try:

– When your friend finally watches the TV show you recommended

– When you successfully make a recipe that always seemed too hard

– When your pet learns a new trick


Wrapping It Up:

The “You Have Been Promoted!” trend is a hilarious way for TikTokers to share funny moments in their lives. It’s all about celebrating the little things and having a good laugh. So, grab your phone, join the trend, and spread some joy!

February 16, 2024
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