Help & FAQs 🧐

How do I get more campaigns?

While we can’t promise a specific number of campaigns, we have some awesome tips to help improve your chances of being selected. First things first, make sure your GEO location is turned on so you can access more campaigns and have a better chance of being approved. Additionally, selecting the proper country is crucial, as choosing the wrong one could limit your campaign options. To keep your account in good standing, remember to post frequently with a variety of content and not just sounds. Don’t forget to fill out your TikTok bio too! Follow campaign directions and use the correct sounds to ensure your participation is successful. By putting effort into your videos, you’re more likely to get sponsor approval and avoid low-quality content. Finally, if you do decide to participate in a campaign, make sure to follow through.  If you applied and do not participate in campaigns you’re not just taking earnings away from TikTokers that wanted to participate, but also risking your account to get shadow banned by the system.

How long does it take to get the payment?

You can cash out your earnings and receive your payment within just 72 business hours. We do take weekends and major holidays off, so keep that in mind when expecting your payment. Plus, our minimum cash-out amount is only $5, so you don’t have to wait long to start enjoying your hard-earned money.

Please contact us if you have any issues with your payment!

How long should I keep my video up?

Although we prefer that you keep you video up forever, we require the video to stay live for at least 45 days from the initial date. Please note that removing videos (even after 45 days) will reduce the quality of your profile to sponsors. They may choose not to provide you additional campaigns, because you have a history of deleting your videos.

How to get verified on

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in becoming a verified creator on! We take pride in thoroughly verifying each profile to ensure the highest level of authenticity and quality. Here are a few tips to help boost your chances of getting verified: first, make sure your account looks great and you post regularly. Fill out your TikTok bio to showcase who you are and what you’re all about. Posting high-quality content is essential, so put effort into your videos to stand out from the crowd. Participating in campaigns when selected is a great way to show your commitment to our platform. Lastly, make sure you’ve selected the correct country and have enabled your GEO location to increase your chances of being selected.

Do verified accounts get more campaigns?


What is the “Quality Content” requirement?

Quality content is a requirement for all videos that are submitted into campaigns by creators. Failing at any of these points will get your submissions rejected. These include:

  • Do not talk over the promoted sound in the video. The sound has to be fully audible at 100% volume level. (Unless requested in the directions)
  • Make sure the video you’re submitting is no less that 10 seconds long (unless the promoted sound is is shorter than 10 seconds)
  • Video must remain in your profile for at least 45 days
  • Do not showcase any products. These videos should not be commercials for some product or service. Your video should be personal.
  • Cannot perform dangerous or illegal acts in the video. Keep it fun and safe.
  • Videos cannot contain someone else’s video content. No copyrighted clips as well. The content should be yours and yours only.
  • Videos cannot be of a single image. Please put some effort into your videos.
  • Only use the link and promoted sound posted in the campaign do not replace the sound, change the link etc.
  • You must be present in the videos, no objects will be accepted
  • Follow the directions as specified

Why was my video not approved?

While we encourage all our creators to be as creative as possible, there are some important guidelines to keep in mind. To ensure your videos are accepted, make sure you follow the directions provided by the sponsor exactly as they are written. Also, be sure to use the exact sound provided for the campaign. Using the wrong sound or link will result in your video being declined. Lastly, remember to keep your video posted on your account for at least 45 days to avoid getting shadow banned, losing your verified status, and potentially facing a permanent ban from the platform. Other reasons for video decline may include creator talking over the video, or muting the sound replacing it with some other song. If a submission is decline, the exact reason will be sent to the email registered.

Why did my account get banned from the platform?

At, we want to ensure that every creator has the best possible experience on our platform, and maintaining high-quality standards is essential to achieving that goal. We carefully review every post to ensure that our quality standards are met. It’s important to keep in mind that certain actions can result in account banning, such as repeatedly using the wrong sound, talking over videos, promoting another product during campaigns, using a different sound than provided, impersonating others, or reusing content from TV shows, music videos, celebrities, or fan pages. Additionally, purchasing an account from someone else and using it to post different content, deleting videos before 45 days, and attempting to manipulate the system to increase your earnings are not allowed.

Why am I not receiving any campaigns?

We’re excited to offer a variety of different campaigns to our creators on a regular basis. If you’re not seeing campaigns, there could be a few reasons why. Firstly, make sure that your GEO location is enabled, as this could affect which campaigns you see. Additionally, if you’ve applied to multiple campaigns and haven’t completed the videos, this could impact which campaigns you’re offered in the future. Sometimes, certain campaigns are targeted towards specific account types, and your account might not be in the targeting chosen. Lastly, if your content quality is low, this could affect the number of campaigns you’re offered. However, don’t worry! We’re confident that there will be a campaign that’s right for you.

I still have an issue, how do I contact support?

Please create a support ticket through emailing